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Suggestions in general
Post here for suggestions in general. Big as small.

This thread was created for those who don't wanna take up more room on the forums.

Please follow the guidelines that sid has put.

Anyways! A suggestion: Make the local chat work in a 200 block radius instead of 100?!

This suggestion is because i am currently building on a project, and i wanna speak/write with people that are in the same project, but it stretches a bit, and we can't hear each other. So i just wanted to hear if it is possible?
Also, another suggestion! it's is to not reset the nether. The reason for this is because:

1. The nether doesn't really suffer from players playing.

2. There is a lot of farms that will require the nether to not be reset.

3. Would be fun to build there.

But the first two points is the reason why i think we should not reset it monthly. the nether doesn't really run out of materials, like the end does, and the farm that i, personally, wanna build are big and time consuming. The nether being reset might scare people away from building these farms!?
I see. You're right.

We will go ahead and reset just the end on the 2nd.
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