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Cave Spider Money
1.) What is the bug? What happens?

When i kill the Cave spider from my grinder using a spawner, i get no money. It doesnt log it in chat for grinding penalty or anything like that. 
2.) How can we replicate it?

You can use my coordinates at 
 X: -2677 
 Y: 29
 Z: 21909

3.) Approximately when did you find it (So we can check if it's a new plugin or something)

I found it after I create my mini spider grinder on May 30th, 2017 at 2:45 USA EST.
As of recently, I am looking into this matter. We currently do not know why this is happening, however it will be fixed.
Hey there, not sure why this thread never got any love.

This is not a bug, or issue.

After a long time of grinding in the same spot, you will no longer receive chat messages, or money.

Thread closed.
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