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Getting banned
Hello, im new to Minecraft, just bought an account so doesnt really know much about the game. im playing together with my friends and we just joined ottercraft about a week ago. I got a warning about griefing and such but i didnt really know what to do when i firstly joined the server, im all new to minecraft as i wrote earlier. but after i got my warning i didnt do anything other illegal stuff on the server. but got banned yesterday :Sad  im so sorry for have stolen things but i doesnt know what to do in minecraft. but really love the server, and people are really nice, and helpfull. really hoping to get unbanned so i can play with my friends again. 

account name: CJCobble

- Casper from Denmark.
I apologize, I've found multiple places you've griefed, and stolen from. We have given you several warnings.

The ban will stand.

Thread closed.
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