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My case of why I want to be unbanned. (Mature and calm)
Alright so I was banned for "grief and theft and previous warnings". I do believe I have stolen and griefed but not a lot, but the reason why I did it is because I was new and didn't know we had rules until a dude on the server said so. But if your talking about me stealing from my old home I had helped build, which was a stone house with some wood in the floor, an Iron Golem in the basement with some obsidian walls, and a glass view of lava, then no I didn't grief I just packed up and moved to a new locations because our house was griefed 2 times before that , and no one did anything about it by the way. But then when I moved in with another user I had built a room that was griefed by some staff members, because my 2 double chest were broken and they had a sign and my floor was torn apart and so were my walls and all my stuff was takened including a diamond sword in which I crafted and enchanted. Now let's go to the part about the "warnings". I only had one warning, and it wasn't really a warning it was a kick. Also your moderators were admin abusing their power, by muting me for speaking the truth and also speaking my mind which by the way it didn't say in the rules you can't speak your mind, and a matter of fact one of your moderators were kicking and banning people for truthfully no reason sometimes, also moderators aren't supposed to have banning abilities(he banned 8 people in 20-30 minutes). But I was muted like 2-3 times, but then me and the moderator talked about it and were on good terms and I even apologized and everything. So the point is I think I should get unbanned because I have learned from my mistakes and actually yesterday read all the rules twice just to make sure I wasn't in the wrong, which I am right now. Also I think I should be unbanned because I am accepting this ban and the reasons of  why you did it, instead of begging you to unban me. And last but not least I think I should be  unbanned because I apologize and am here to apologize once more to everyone, and to swear to re  read the rules and not break them again, that's a promise I am willing to make to get back online to this great servers, and apologys again to Zim the moderator for the things I did and said in the mail and chat, I was just really pissed and let my emotions get the best of me. - BarryAllen_Grant <-------- That's my minecraft username.

Also I wanted to add, I think staff griefed me the third time or someone else did and if someone else did they bypassed the lockette and broke the chest.
I think Barry should be unbanned.
(06-25-2017, 01:30 AM)Mickeycricky Wrote: I think Barry should be unbanned.

Thank you for your support Mickeycricky!

Also I will replace any damage that was done even if it takes days or weeks.
Alright, you have been unbanned. We will be keeping a close eye on you.

Do a /report if you stumble upon any rollback conflicts.

Thread closed.
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(06-25-2017, 05:45 AM)Sid_Engel Wrote: Alright, you have been unbanned. We will be keeping a close eye on you.

Do a /report if you stumble upon any rollback conflicts.

Thread closed.

Thank you so much! I won't mess up with this chance.

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