Poll: How Often Should The End Be Reset?
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1 Month Reset - Current
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2 Week Reset
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1 Week Reset
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End Resets
Since the End has just reset, I figured we might as well make this poll.

At the moment, the End only resets once a month. I feel like in order to keep up with our growing playerbase, we need the end to either magically replenish faster, or reset more often.

This of course creates a problem with the grinder warp. It will now have to be re-created more often as well. The best way I can think of fixing that, is by giving whoever makes us a new "/warp grinder" free vip+. This would add more incentive, allowing for our outgoing members to get a free rank! I'll test it out for this one, and see how it goes.

How often should we reset the end?

Let us know, everyone's opinion matters!
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