Poll: Do you want the difficulty changed?
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Yes, a change would be nice.
3 50.00%
No, I like the way it is.
3 50.00%
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Hard Mode: Do you want it?
Short summary: I, and I'm sure many other people want the difficulty to change. This wouldn't affect the spawn rates, as they're fixed, but it gives the server a much more... well, to put it simply, difficult feel. Damage and hunger would be affected as well, but normally what happens on servers like this is, players get, lets say, comfortable, and don't really need food or anything to help them thrive. They live the luxurious life, and it all seems a little bit boring. Raising the difficulty would most likely also rise a sense of unity between players. As it is now, several people playing on this server live together. Hard mode would encourage this. This change would mean three things:

1. Food will be a concern, instead of a minor inconvenience,

2. Increased damage taken leads to a more cautious play style and awareness,

3. Grouping up would be the new "meta".

Ok, that's it. I'm not a professional persuasive writer so my points might be a little off. Voice your opinion in the replies section after voting on the poll.

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