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There should be a build team!
Currently, the server doesn't have an official build team. We should definitely have one. It would be a more convenient and quick way to build any structures or lobbies etc. the server needs.  Recruitment should go something like this (Or not, I mean I'm not the boss): The person applying would be asked a couple of questions about why they'd be useful as a builder and what they hope to bring to the server. The person would also be asked what there specialties are. They would then insert 2-3 images as reference to their work. Depending on the skill of the person, they would be accepted or denied.

So Sid, if you're reading this, please do consider it.
That's a great idea.

Not entirely sure who we would have on it, right now. Other than Demendius xD.

I will keep it in mind, along with all of the other ideas we have!
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That's I a Great Idea - I was actually going to start a thread for it. Sid, if you start one I would be proud to join it. i'm an experienced builder and would love to build for this amazing server!
What do you guys think [Builders] would have? Apart from the default permissions?
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