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Ban appeal - Theft, Grief
1.) Provide us the reason you were banned for. I was banned for Theft and Grief.

2.) Screenshots or logs if possible Sadly i cannot provide any screenshots

3.) Evidence that you are not guilty of the ban reason. I am guilty of the ban reason, however i didn't know the rules of the server, i joined because my friend (Ruby)nvited me and i was completely unaware of the server even having rules. so when i found another town i started to take and destroy stuff for my own home. Reason why i did this is because the town was close to spawn and it is a vanilla server after all, and each vanilla server I've played on didn't have rules. ( Besides no blacklisted modifications). I am deeply sorry for doing this as i thought i was in the right. I would like a second chance to play on Otter craft because now that i know the rules i would like to play by them and make some nice builds. I am truly sorry for the havoc i have caused and if i do get unbanned i assure you it will NOT happen again.
"I am guilty of the ban reason,"


Thread closed.
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