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Build team applications. (Accepting on Jul. 11)
Hello, I'm gneurshk. As of today, a build team will be starting on OtterCraft. DemenDius and I will be running it, and we will add new members according to your skill. 

Ok, let's get into the application requirements.

Like normal staff apps, your application will be judged on your maturity and skill as a builder. You must include a reason why you want to be a builder, what you hope to bring to the server by becoming one, and what your specialty/specialties in building are/is. Please include the times that you will most likely be online. Two to three images showing off your builds must be included in the application. At least one build has to be on the server, just to prove that you can actually do what you say you can. Other than that, you can format the application in any way you want. The perms involved are the following:



"Builder" prefix before your name.

Ok, that's about it. If you have any questions about the build team, please leave a comment asking about it.

Hello my name is Thom , AKA : Yeam (IGN) Im 19 years old , i want to be part of the building group so much because i love to make buildings like my new house in the jungle. 
I live in the Netherlands (Europe) 
im every day online  Smile

I hope you accept my Apply  : ) 

have a nice day 
 Thom .
Hello my name is Noah, 
i am 15 years old.
My InGameName is NoahCraftNL
I live in the netherlands.
I speak 2 languagest Dutch and English and a litte bit German.
I am 3 hours a day available.
I dont have mutch staff experience with a staff team but i am realy motivated to be in the staff team
I have skype and discord to contact me 
i prefer that you contact me on skype
Skype: Noahbende
I have minecraft about 4 years.
My build skills are more old style skills.
Like castles and old town houses.

Noah aka NoahCraftNL

Hello all. My name is Murph and I am 15 years old. I live in Massachusetts. My username in game is LimekPL. I am available at least 4 hours a day, especially late at night most of the time. I am very hardworking on the server, and willing to help anyone. I specialize in modern builds, such as my house and barn. I have been playing before online even existed, and love survival mode. Thank you fro taking the time t review this. Best, LimekPL.
Ok, let me specify:

DO NOT post your application on this thread! Post it in a separate thread as if you were applying for staff!
Thread moved to new section, and closed.
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Thread closed, to stop from people posting applications on it. <3
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