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Ban Appeal
1. I was banned for mass grief
2. I have no screenshots and/or logs
3. I have not been on for the last couple of days (Roughly 3-5 days). I have only been near my house that I built with Pistachio00. I have not "mass griefed" anything. I have no reason to have destroyed anything. I have no problems with anyone on the server, nor would I want to destroy my own house. I believe I have been wrongly accused of mass grief.
I can back up ballof_dust completely. He has not been on the server for the past couple of days (I'm sure logs can prove this), and he never goes outside of our house. I logged on today to find a major rollback conflict. It appeared as if someone had rolled back things to at least a couple of weeks ago. I think this ban was a misunderstanding and he had the right to break anything in that house as he co-built it. I hope this helps.


-Pistachio Smile
I have talked with Pistacio00 about it! It would seem that someone tried to report the rollback error, but the mods/admins mistook it for the missing floor being removed. (as i did today.) @Sid_engel can we urban him?
Hmm, alright. We'll give it a second chance.

Not sure where it was, and you've got @Pistachio00 backing you up. He's a good man.

Unbanned as of now.

For the rollback conflicts... We will have to resolve these while you are online.

I'm leaving this thread open for a little while.
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