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Build Application lLenth
About me

Hello hello, let's start with a little bit about me. My name is lLenth (and no there is no ''i'' in front of my it's a lowercase L) and I'm 20 years old.
I'm from the Netherlands and will start with my seconds degree after summer (notice the dutch school system is way different).

Why do I want to be a builder

I have been on the server since march (I think) and I have to say, the public builds as spawn and the pvp arena are not the prettiest.
As I love the server and building I think it will be a great improvement to let new players have a great first impression.

So what do I hope to bring the server

I would hope to bring new and old players beautiful public places they could enjoy while I enjoy building those places.
Besides of building the public places I've noticed many players wanting help or advise with there builds, I will also be able to help those in need.

What times will I be online

Currently I have summer break so I'm not able to tell what my regular hours will be (there will be three weeks where I will not be able to play. At all).
After that I'll be on in the evening since I'll start college, but don't worry I will always have time for ottercraft : )


Groetjes lLenth

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