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Builder Application
Hello. My name is Murph. My in game name is LimekPL or LIME I am 15 years old. I live in Massachusetts, and have been playing Minecraft for about 4 to 5 years. I am also a VIP.

Why Do I Want To Join?
I would to love to join the team and become a bigger part of OtterCraft. I have never enjoyed playing on a server as much as this one. I knew i would love the server when the second I joined everyone greeted me with, Welcome!. Everyone is so kind, and I would love to give back to all of those people with cool builds. Also, I just simply love to build in Minecraft, especially in survival mode. I love how you have to work to get resources, and that makes my builds very satisfying when I complete them I am always doing a build on the server, which I love. So many new people join this great server every single day, and I feel there is a need for more people to help and build on the server.

How Often Am I On The Server?
I am typically on the server at least 4 hours a day, and you can almost always catch me on the server late at night, when I spend the most time on the server. 

What Do I Specialize In?
I specialize in modern house builds, of all different sizes. I also enjoy working with redstone, so i try to incorporate redstone into many of my builds. But I am a well rounded builder, i just enjoy building modern structures. You can see my home and barn build, both on the server here, http://imgur.com/a/xUN0C.

Thank you for giving me the potential chance to improve the server, one build at a time. Best, Murph or LimekPL.
Good application! However, we aren't currently looking for any builders that specialize in modern structures. Thank you for the application though!

Thread closed, and moved to new "builder application" section.
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