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Regarding Peace and Order
This post is inspired by Ottercraft.net Moderator, maXmayhem.  Big Grin

I like the idea of dropping Warning Flags on rule-offenders to keep track of potential "criminals." However, it feels as though my relation to the "grief" that I did to a personal, real friend half-jokingly (that got the attention of maXmayhem) has earned me a bias on nearly everything I do and say.

This post isn't a personal attack on maXmayhem, however, his means of dealing with problems, also known as moderating, also known as his job as staff is not being carried through optimally. It's become apparent that he is impatient, and does not care at all about what is happening in any slightly pressured situations. He would rather kick, mute, jail first; pretend to ask questions an hour later:

Example 1: Repeated /kicks on me in the middle of explaining what was happening rather than letting things remain controlled.
Example 2: Being /mute'd because I corrected one user, saying it is possible to have a lot of diamonds by playing a lot of Minecraft after he outright said "It's completely impossible to have 33 diamond blocks," which is just wrong. The person who this user accused bit back with some rude words that I also poked a bit of fun at because of the spelling issues. Tame. I warned them both to stop spamming the chat with one-word sentences. Max figured I was the heart of the problem and immediately targeted me, despite not actually starting anything or pushing anything overboard. He then proceeds to log off, leaving me muted unjustly in my opinion.
Example 3: Mass-muting everybody who protested his use of Moderator-commands.

I've also noticed how terribly impatient maXmayhem is when Sid is trying to work on the server and fix problems maXmayhem can't, example being the rolling back that happened on the 11th of February. This impatience is translating to the way he "moderates", seeing as he appears not to even take the time to assess any problems, read through chat logs, and look for himself. He's trigger happy with his power to /mute and /kick as though he has never felt the status of authority. 

My recommendation isn't for Ottercraft to promote me to staff or any childish thing, I'm certain donating to VIP+ would be enough status for me until called upon... but I have an extensive history of staffing servers, Minecraft, Terraria, Checkmate and much more so I would hope I have some ground to criticize this community's staff work. 

So where do we go from here? That is not for me to decide, but I'm hoping Ottercraft makes the correct decision in addressing the current staff and where it can be modified, because it is a blemish on an excellent community. Staff and responsibility is huge on a server that appears to be growing rather quickly. Do not get blindsided by a large playerbase without the means of governing them.

From what I can tell, Sid has a very good grasp on how to run a server such as his own, and I'm saddened to see that his most active staff are not even relatively close to as responsible and respectful as he is.  Dodgy


Edit: This "35 minute mute" has gone on for 4 hours and counting, and it would be excellent if I could speak with the fellow players instead of silently handing them the Ink Sacs they're asking for.
Thank you for your in-detail post reguarding the event.

Max has been demoted to a regular player, as a result of his actions.

To help, or stop this from happening again we have made a forum post stating how we want our mods to behave themselves.

[Image: LlpaiAf.png]

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