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How to apply for Builder
The build team is of a certain size, and we will not accept more than we need!
When you apply, we might have enough, that does not mean we do not want you at the build team. Your application will be put in a "queue" and we will look at it when we need new builders!

Anyways, with that being said. To post an application, press the "New Thread" under Builder applications.

In the application it self we would like to hear:
  • Title must be: "Builder Application [Your in game name]"
  • In game name.
  • What kind of style you build in (like medieval, modern, space, etc.)
  • How often you're online
  • Are you willing to be up early/late in the weekends to work on a project with the build team?
  • Do you have experience with palettes and colour combination?
  • 2-3 images where you show off your builds! Atlast one have to be built on the server.
What does the builder rank give?
  • A dank prefix that only the builder have
  • 2 new commands that are /tp and /fly
But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Do not abuse the /tp command, and only use /fly when you are building. It will give an unfair advantage, and i, as a mod, will strip you of your rank if i discover! (I will discover)

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