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Tagsz ban appeal
1.) Provide us the reason you were banned for.- 
I was banned for X-ray on 2017-07-25
2.) Screenshots or logs if possible-
I do not have either (Sorry)
3.) Evidence that you are not guilty of the ban reason.
- I was reading into how users are banned for X-ray and it is either a client side or a suspicious amount of ores, I do not nor have ever used a client side mod for X-ray , The only texture packs I use are as follows ( Dokucraft Light and Dwarven , and Faithful 64x64). I had a lot of ores and would give them out to my close friends such as Nina, Chrissy , Colin , Kara, and more , I had got a fortune 2 pickaxe and used that for most of my mines that is the only reason I had such amount of ores.

I would also like to add that I am very upset over this conflict, as I have met a lot of good people on this server and I just had got V.I.P too, You can ask around I try every time Im on the server to be nice and kind and helpful to everyone I know and see, Im sorry for whatever has happened to cause me to get banned and I can assure you it would not ever happen again.
I've looked it over, as well as your mines.

I may have jumped to conclusions.

You've been unbanned, however we'll keep an eye on ya.

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Thread closed.
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