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Ban Appeal
Exclamation Let me start off by saying SORRY. I apologize for breaking the rules. I understand that the Grief/Theft was under my username, therefore I did not do it. Now this will sound cheesy and I apologize once again. My brother, and my sister both use my account, for their purposes I was not informed this would lead to me being banned.

At the time that I stole/griefed, I was not on. It was under my username, ilysmm. It was not me. This is Kara writing this, not my sister. I will be happy to repay/fix and give back what my sister stole at any day, time, anything. I do not care if you take anything away from me. I'd just like to repay/give back what my sister stole.

I do not have screenshots, other than that I was banned today. 8/1/2017, by Sid.

I also read that I had many warnings when I tried to log back on. I only remembered the warning for possible grief by [Mod] g. I do not recall any other warning than that one.

It also says I have a warning level of 0%? If that changes anything.

If I took anything, I have most of the server on discord/snapchat. I would have asked to take the items. NOT stole them.

I know grief and theft are not things that can be easily lifted. But I swear on my grandma's life. The theft/grief was not me, Kara. I will happily give back anything stolen/griefed to whom my sister griefed. I apologize once again, and I hope you take this into consideration, and I will make sure that my sister nor brother touch my laptop/computer ever. Again.     Exclamation

I'm sorry. 

-Kara  Sad
Kara is one of my great friends on the server, and I know for a fact she would never do anything like grief, or steal. She is very trust worthy and always willing to help people around the server. She has also paid for Vip plus, which would be a 10 dollars wasted. She is willing to do what ever it takes to get unbanned, such as taking a two or three days off from the server. If she gets unbanned, she won't let her brother/sister do anything like this again. Thanks for taking the time to look at this reply. Best, LimekPL or Murph.
Hello. Here is PROOF that Kara did not do this and it was her sister. Kara said she will make sure her siblings don't mess around with her account again. Click the link to see the images. http://imgur.com/a/YNxhf 
Best, LimekPL or Murph.
I second lime on this, I know it is still under the breaking rules but Kara is a very sweet and kind person she would not intend to do this against anyone on the server for any reason.
I swear to god I will make sure that they will never touch my laptop/computer ever again. Thank you g, I will keep a close eye on my sister. Again, thanks!
Hmm, you seem to have a lot of people backing you up here...

You've been unbanned.

We will be keeping a close eye on you.

Thread closed.
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