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Moderator Application
About me:
Hello, I am Ipod_Shuffle. I am 17 and a senior in high school in Ohio. Soon I will be enrolling in college, but that will not affect me being online or availability for the server. I'm going for American Sign Language interpreting and deaf education, and I also will be working in the HVAC career. I've been playing this game for a few years now, and have been on the server since almost the very beginning. I enjoy the creativity aspect of this game and spend most of my time building projects.

What I bring:
I am usually online everyday so I am constantly active and working on new things. I know and have experienced the moderator shortage, so I hope that with me being online daily I can help attend to more issues that arise on the server when no other mods are around. I want a stable and friendly server that anyone can be able to join and have a good time. 

Why I am applying:
I am applying because I want everyone to enjoy their time on the server and create a friendly environment for everyone. I do not plan to abuse my power as I want to also be able to enjoy having people around to socialize and work together with. 

Time I am online:
Currently I am in San Antonio so I am on the same time zone as the server, but I can be on from anytime in the day to sometimes late at night. Once I get back to Ohio, I will be an hour behind, but I should still be on daily. 

I have been playing minecraft for a few years now, and I have been on many servers before. I have not officially been an admin, but I have had supportive roles in decisions by other mods and owners on other servers. I also have been on PS4 for a long time, not as much as usual, but with both minecraft and PS4 I have never had any issues with being a problem for any owners.

I have also applied to be a builder, but I feel being a mod would be more beneficial for the everyone on the server and me.

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