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theblu1's Ban appeal
Hi this is kamryn Aka theblu1 
I am so sorry about the grief, that was a few months ago when i first joined. i did not really care as much as i do now for this server. i only remember breaking a sign that said 'hi people"(i think) and some wood off a tree house that was abandoned. You can ask my good friends, Coffee_thefox,Hannah_ok,and Tyler that i would not do something like that now. If there is anything other that i griefed please let me know.Once again im sorry, and i hope everyone forgives and forgets about the things i did in the pass. Heart Heart Heart Heart
*i have noticed i left some things out so here they are*
I have recently got vip so if you ban me permanently i will be upset and want a refund *just warning you ≈)*
The only warnings i got were joking around such as *Autistic Screech* (i got that from g DX)
Before i went Out into the server on my first day i read all the rules but i admit i broke some
And if you un-ban me This will never happen again, I have learned my lesson.
Im am just a 10 year old girl and i don't know what to say so yeah this is what i got Smile
I will be on a different server called SnapCraft if you want to talk to me
If you un-ban me i swear that i will never go near someone's build/town unless i have gotten permission
So if you don't mind do you think you can un-ban me please i am super bored and this server was my "hobby"
I thank you all for Saving me from boredom this summer and i would really like if you un-ban me please i am so bored.
So before i end this i just wanna say i luv you all and peace out
"on my first day i read all the rules but i admit i broke some"

You broke enough of the rules to get banned(that's multiple findings of rule breaking).

The ban will remain, and you will not be refunded for your vip. As, you had gotten playtime with it.

Thread closed.
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