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Mod and/or Admin Application
Hello, My name is Cubic_Cubone but you can call me Cubic. I am 14 years old and currently living in Ohio. My passions are Pokemon (I own almost every game) and Minecraft in which I have been playing for about 4-5 years. I have at least a total month or more hours contributed to minecraft. Another thing about me is that I love animals and I am currently volunteering at a pet shelter.
    I should be a mod because I have put many hours onto this server and I feel like some of the players are like my "virtual family". I want to reduce the amount of hate towards others in chat and try to prevent griefing all together. I recently have had the urge to apply due to the fact of some players bending the rules to cuss at others (not regular random cussing in chat) and players telling others to hurt themselves, ect. . I would love to help out with work on this server due to the low amount of admins or mods on the server at a time (they are on like 2% of the time that I am online). I want this server to be a place for people to have fun and a friendly community. 
     During the week days I will try to be on at least 4-5 hours a day and 6-7 hours on the weekends. I have been an admin and an owner on another server (wasn't popular) that was unfortunately shut down. In my school I am a leader and I love to help others.
                 I hope you accept me as a new mod!

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