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Administration Application For Ottercraft Staff
Greetings and Salutations Ottercraft Administration,

About Me:
Hello my name is Matthew aka lockhole, I am a 17 year old currently living in Southern New Jersey. I play the cello in my High School Orchestra and I am  in Honors and AP level classes. I am a Life Scout in my local Boy Scouts Troop and have served as Senior Patrol Leader for 3 years ( I am the Leader for the Scouts). For that position I attended the National Youth Leadership Training to get a better perspective on being a leader and helping others. I am a avid reader of books, movie watching, and video gaming 

What I Will Provide For The Server And Its Players:
I have been on many servers in my years of playing Minecraft and yes they are different in their own ways, but the blight of grief, thievery, rude behavior and lack of respect toward the rules and others is quite noticeable and always present. I intend on bringing the hammer of justice down on these horrific traits that  every server should never have, specifically a young and growing server such as Ottercraft. If I am accepted the position of Admin I will be sure that griefing and anything that goes ill towards players or the well being and integrity of the server is immediately ended and resolved.

Why I Want To Be A Part Of The Staff:
Currently there aren't enough Admins on to help with rollback issues and our Mods are doing the best that they can ( which is great already). I understand that with the position of Admin I would get specific perks, but my intentions are not to get those, my intentions are to the players the foundations and framework for all servers. I originally requested the position of Moderator, however I can see now that more Moderators isn't enough. Sid you are the only one that is frequently on to fix rollback. None of that weight should be on you because rollback victims will have to wait for you, and you are a busy person.I want to be a part of the Ottercraft Staff because I want to ensure that the creations of the players are protected from ill deeds, the possessions of the players are safe and secure under the watchful eye of our staff. On Ottercraft I am the owner of the Ellisnarian Empire ( Big name I know) What started as a small farming homestead turned into a peaceful Empire of a growing population and ever morphing society. I would hate to see that one creation be ruined by grief or miss guided players. That of course is one of hundreds of villages, communities and towns that dozens of players have created and to see them fall would to see the server fall as well......Which I do not intend on witnessing. Ottercraft is slowly becoming a family of friendly and honest people that I hardly know. I would never want to see anything happen to it. If I am honored the position as Admin I will promise that.

The Times That I Am Online:
Till the beginning of September I will be able to get on pretty much whenever, I will hopefully inform both the Staff and the players of my absence of any particular day of any particular week. Once school starts back up, I hopefully will be on Tuesdays-Fridays from about 5:00-7:00 pm EST (Depends on the amount of schoolwork needed to get done. However Mondays will be a  bit hazy for time predictions for I have BSA meetings then and the aforementioned schoolwork. Also I will not hesitate to get in if someone is in need of my assistance, no matter the time.

How Long Have I Been Involved In Minecraft:
I have been playing Minecraft since the Summer of 2011, I have always wanted to make my own server and play with friends, however that intelligence is beyond my reach and distancing itself from me farther and farther. With the aforementioned  Boy Scouts I am well suited for a leadership roll so a Staff position is my forte. I have used my knowledge of leadership to help others on many different scenarios. Helpimg others is in my genes.

Final Remarks:
As a Admin I will show many traits to help both the players and Staff of the server. I will help anyone in need and will use my time to prevent grief and fix rollbacks. I hope you shall take my application for Admin unto consideration and I shall be looking forward for your response. Many thanks for your time and patience.

Sincerely Yours,
Matthew (lockhole) 

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