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I would wish to become a Moderator for the server!
I have been on this server a while, bought 2 ranks while on it, made friends, made 4 villages and reported many griefers, and I wish to help the server even more by becoming a moderator for it! I wish to become a moderator simply because I enjoy the server and want to contribute more than money to the server, but to bring justice to the people who hurt the members on the server! I want to bring all griefers and harassers to justice and keep them off the server! I want to contribute to the server by helping people. Please consider me for becoming the next member to join OtterCraft staff! I love this server more than any other server I have and it would mean so much to me to become a Moderator for it. Please consider me for mod!

                                         CreeperSteve909 (A.K.A. Otaku Fish)

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