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I want to apply to be a moderator. I know I'm not the best person or player at times, but I know the difference between wrong and right. I'll be the enforcer Cool  jk but I'll do my job right. I used to be an administrator on a discontinued server, so I know how stuff works to a certain extent. This other server, it wasn't the best. Not even close to be honest with you. The owner cheated people, and then discontinued the server once he used up all of the money he got from ranks and donations (the most expensive rank was $50, which many people bought). Through all of that, though, I did my best along with the other staff members to keep the peace, and provide help that the owner never did.  I've asked many many people on the server including lillucky, Chrissy, Nina, HTCrafter, Demendius, and others whether they thought that I would make a good moderator on the Ottercraft server or not, and they all think. I would. I try to help anyone and everyone in any way that I can, and becoming a staff member would only expand my capabilities to do so. I think the amount of time I've spent playing on the server, the amount of time that I continue to play everyday, and the reccomendations from many players qualify me for this role. I want to prove that I can be more than just a helpful player, but also a role model in showing our players things such as griefing and cheating will not stand. Also, I'm 18 years old and from Chicago, Illinois, but I frequent Boulder, Colorado because I have many friends that go to CU.
Thank you for the consideration,
Didgeridoodoo a.k.a. applezol
Hey applezol!

I appreciate your interest in becoming part of staff. Tell me more about yourself, and this other server you had played one.

I want to see more than 2 lines on applications and whatnot.
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