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Staff Application - Zephyrr
[Image: Yf8Q3E0.png]

Discord: Zephyrr#2149
IGN: Flame80086

Who I am:

Hi there, I'm Zephyrr, or as you might better me as in-game- Flame80086! I am an fairly new user to OtterCraft, yet I've absolutely fallen in love with it the first few moments of playing. I'm a YouTuber with 1.1K subs, as well as a GFX designer and aspiring producer. I've been using Discord for nearly 2 years now, and I use it every day! I have 6 months of Minecraft experience, and while that may not seem to be that much, I have learned much since my beginning of playing. I'm also 16 years old, by the way!


I have 2 years video editing experience and 8 months for graphics design (using Photoshop), which means that I could work on a showcasing or montage video for the server, provided I have decent clips and create banners or logos for other staff members, free of charge!

Why I want to become a staff member:

The answer for this is quite simple, actually: I love the server and want to do everything in my power to support it and create a better experience for users than what it already is.


Several hours during weekdays, most likely 2 - 7+ hours each weekday. Weekends, I'm sadly not available. Sorry!

Moderation/Administration Experience:

Though I've never moderated or administered a Minecraft server, I have moderated several Discord servers, many being my own and 2 of them being servers for games. If you count me being a moderator for an old flash game from 2014, I have 2+ years of moderation experience!

I hope that you will take my staff application into consideration.

- Zephyrr

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