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Moderator Application
Hello all of the OtterCraft community!

About Me:

My name is Murph, or limezol in game. My former username was LimekPL. I am a 15 year old, from the United States. I live in Central Massachusetts. I am a hard worker in everything I do. I am a honors student, and captain of my schools golf team. I attend school at a tech school. I take a Information Technology course, which gets me very familiar with video games and other forms of technology. I love sports, music, and video games.

Why I Want to be a Part of This Servers Wonderful Staff:

The second I logged on to the server, I knew that this server is special. I was greeted with too many "Welcomes!" to count. Many server players helped me out to get me going on the server, and thats what i liked the most about the server. And to be completely honest, I have met some of my best friends on this server. And the staff does a great job of protecting from grief, theft, and other things stupid people do. There is no worse feeling than working on a build, and getting it destroyed from grief. Thats what I want to ensure doesn't happen. I never thought I would come this far on this server, and joining the "Zol Gang". But to wrap this section up, I want to make sure that het friendliness is maintained, and no wrongs are gone unpunished.

What I Want to Provide to the Server:

My goal is to never ignore or leave a bad deed unpunished, such as griefing, stealing, disrespect towards others, or rules. I feel this is very important to enforce on such a new server, and I fell as if I would be the perfect person for the job. If I am accepted, I will ENSURE, these players will be dealt with immediently. 

How Long Have I have Been Playing Minecraft, And Do I have Any Experience With Running A Server:

I have been playing Minecraft for as long as I can remember. I can recall playing the free version of "Minecraft: Pocket Edition" when I was just 8 years old. As far as running a server, I have experience with it. 2 years ago I was co-owner of a very small Vanilla Survival server much like OtterCraft. Unfortunately, that server is not in use anymore.

How Often Am I Online:

I am on OtterCraft at about 9:30 PM to 12:00 PM or 1:00 PM EST. Sometimes, I can be online during the day as well. Especially on weekends. Homework is usually heavy during the weekdays, but every once in a while, I will be able to get online after 3:30 PM EST.


I really appreciate whoever this is to view my application, and I hope this application was good. I put a lot of time and thought into it. Anyways, see you guys on the server. Thanks again. 
Best, limezol or Murph.
Lime is a good friend and even better person, When I say this I think I speak on behalf of the majority of the server, Lime deserves this more than anyone else I can think of, He is very friendly hard working and kind to us all.
Looks good to me.

I've messaged you via Discord with more information.
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