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How I've Optimized Administration
After running 2 server's, and being a part of at least 1 staff team for the past three years, I've learned that being part of staff can put a strain on your poor little fingers(or mine at least).

Here's my little guide on how I set up my client to make everything as easy, as possible.

In all honesty, my fingertips would have fallen off if it weren't for discovering LiteLoader. LiteLoader is a simple MC client, that allows you to load up community made mods. It seems that most of the mods that you can find, are for server admins and whatnot(bless up).

You can find the download to Liteloader, here.

Once installed, you should find a folder in your AppData/Roaming/.Minecraft directory, called mods. Seems easy enough. I think.

Below are the mods I found useful, and why I use them.

A simple mini-map, just because I enjoyed seeing the land and players around me in a nice little box.

Pretty much an easy to toggle nightvision, I know you can just use potions or whatever... But I enjoy it.

This is actually pretty cool. While making selections in WE, with the wand tool. It will show a display on screen of the area selected. So you know what you're about to make changes to. This helps keep accidents from happening(Uh Hemm, Potzol).

Displays your coreprotect data on-screen. Providing amazing visuals, with outlines and tracers and whatnot. Very cool, definitely a must-have.

Saving the best for last... MacroMod. This mod allows you to set macro's for anything you want. For example, instead of typing "/co i" to bring up my inspector tool, all I have to do is hit my I key. I also use it for welcoming new players, and other stuff.

All of these mods together will help you in automating your daily routine. It might not sound like much, however after getting it... There's no way I can go back.

Also, for those of you crying about Optifine... You can indeed, have the best of both worlds.

Install LiteLoader, then install Optifine by selecting a version to install it over(pick the liteloader install).

Bada-bing. Bada-boom.
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