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Staff Applications
MC Name: NoahZyphh
Real name: Noah
Country: The Netherlands
Age: 16
Boy/Girl: Boy
What rank do you want to be: Helper
Staff from OtterCraft
I am Noah.
I have 4 years Minecraft experience.
and have my own KitPvP Server. But it really doesn't have enough players to continue with the server.
And have a good experience with server plugins.
And I am kind to people. I have a lot of experience on the server.
I am online for the Europe players because if I play in the morning you will sleep.
I have vip+ on the server for showing my support on the server.
I am good at working together. 
I think i am not so good at building so that is the builders job.
How many hours/days per week: 21 hours a week minimum.

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