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Application for Moderator
Hello if your looking at this thanks for spending your time to look at my application so to start with,

My minecraft user is cdmoffatt2003 but my name is clinton, im 14 years old and in highschool. I do wrestling and free time play minecraft and hang with friends,
i'm friendly with other users on ottercraft unless they are disrespectful to anyone else. If i were moderator I would be active a lot at least everyday usually on 4-8 pacific standard time. I would help out people who have been griefed or have a problem with another player i can fix that up and solve there reports so the admins can fix whatever happened
Why do i want to be moderator? i want to be moderator because whenever I'm on people are always complaining about non-active staff and good for me i am active a lot and so i can help out more people with problems, Ive had a lot of experience of being on minecraft ive been playing for about 4 years then i stopped for about 2 years and then now im on again. A while back i have been part of servers staff team and in my opinion do believe i did a good job. I have been on ottercraft for a while now and pretty much know a lot about it and just being a part of the staff team to help out people would be great, as of right now i currently just help out people who need help building and supplies and questions about the server. a little more about myself, i live in southern California, i love to be with friends and jump cliffs and bridges with them cause its just fun like that. So if you ever need an active staff member i will be more than happy to join in.

e-mail is cdmoffatt2003@gmail.com 

Thank you again for checking out my application and have a wonderful day!
Thanks CD, I'll keep you in mind.
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