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Ban Appeal - Flame80086
I honestly don't know why I have to even be doing this, but so be it.

I would like to be unbanned because I had NOT been using X-ray, even though I was banned for doing so. In the past few days I've been on this server, I've been nothing but generous and kind while playing. I've been paying extra money to people, giving resources for cheap and sometimes free, and doing jobs for people for money at times. And not only that, I've even been helping out Sid with the Discord server, helping him with bots and new ideas for it.

Uibiuxohn says that it's very suspicious that I've been getting so many diamond block breaks within the past 20 hours, and I get that. But, I've been simply using a guide (that I sadly cannot produce) since 2015 that I know from memory now. If you're at bedrock, mine down once in a while if there's bedrock spread out. If you hear lava, head towards it but make sure you don't get lava in your face. If you hear mobs near a bedrock area, there will most likely not be many or any at all diamonds in the area.

I can not produce this guide as this is a new computer and I forgot to write down the link or write a note down, but I have not been using X-ray at all. I have never cheated, nor will I ever cheat on this server anytime in the future.

Thank you for reading.

- Zephyy

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