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My Application
Name: Peter Rogers (AwesomePenguin17)
Age: 12
Where I live: America (Tennessee)
What I want to be: Moderator
How I can help out? I'm on pretty much every day, which means I can help more people out with problems.
Will I be good at it? I think I would do a great job. I have been helped by moderators a lot and would like help other people with what I have learned. 
About me: I love penguins and Minecraft. I like to watch Sponge Bob 

Thanks for helping me apply! I hope I get to be one.
Peter (AwesomePenguin17)
Hey Pengu, thanks for the application.

You're a little young, but we don't really have a requirement for age.

I'll keep you in mind.
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]
Thanks! I would reply sooner but my account was jacked up :P
This server is a mess right now with people saying bad stuff and etc. I'm thankful that you said you would keep me in mind and dont worry, ive made sevral reports to help with the situation. Thanks! Pengu.
Hi Pengy, Its Fishy! I hope u get mod! U deserve it! I luf u!

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