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My application =D
Dear OtterCraft,
                                                               About me.
I am currently living in Prescott Arizona. I try to be on as much as possible. Im on 7 days a week and try to be on as much as possible. I am 14 years old and in the 9th grade. I play musical instruments such as the guitar and the flute. I am well known on the server. My new IGN is Xx_War_xX878. I have been a staff on one server called RandomCraft but it was recently shut down.
                                                     How i would benefit the server.
I love OtterCraft. By all means this is my favorite server. I would love to be a staff. I would never abuse. I would help out the server in ways such as welcoming newcomers, Never banning/muting/kicking without a reason, I would help everyone if needed but i would not give materials or anything else, I will not use creative to my benefit. I believe i could start out as a helper and work my way up.

                                                     Why i would like to be a staff.
Like i said OtterCraft is amazing. I would absolutely love to be a staff member on this beautiful server because who wouldn't! I would like to be a staff or general helper because i love helping people. Its just so satisfying to help people to me. I am a resident and ally of the Ellisnarian Empire and me and lockhole are great friends. It would be a true honor to be a staff. If the server was falling i would help.

                                                     Times I'm normaly online.
Im normaly on 7 days a week. Anywhere from 5:30 AM (Arizona time) through 9:00 PM.
Although i can be on anytime needed accept for when I'm in school. School normally goes from 8:00 AM-3:30 PM Monday-Thursday.

Like I've said probably a million times now, I love otter craft and would provide major support.

Sincerely TysonLegoMan (AKA War)

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