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Petition for Land Claim Plugin
Good day all OtterCraft players,

As you all know our project and bases are griefed or items are stolen from quite frequently. Yes, we do have the plugin that allows us to add [private] to our chests, but this does not help us when we are quickly dropping items into a chest and we log out not thinking of the outcome. A second point that the Chest plugin does not offer is Protection to an area.

My Idea is that we have a plugin that allows us to claim up to a 32 block Squared area (or what ever value) where users will not be able to either enter an area or place/break blocks. If you require a larger area you could submit a request to meet with an admin to explain why you need more area and if they agree they will increase the area for a specific player. Also, only one 32Sq area can be claimed every 6-12 months so that there is not an overwhelming people spam claiming.

I have found one plugin that offers this but there are many others out there:
Form Thread of someones: 

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I feel that, keeping no land claim is the best bet. Here's a few of my main supporting reasons...

1.) People don't have to learn how to claim(noobs, and kids specifically).
2.) People won't abuse claiming(claiming someone else's house).
3.) We won't be able to find the "bad" players, since they can't grief... Allowing them to grief, and fixing it with a ban and rollback acts as a filter to our community. Keeping only the trustworthy, and friendly players in.
4.) No land claim, allows for a more vanilla feel to the game. The way it was originally made to be played.
5.) It's different. Almost every survival server out there uses a land claim system. Let's stand out.
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Petition dead, thread closed.
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