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Staff App
Hello, my name is BL4CK_H4ND

I'm on here to apply for a position on the staff as a moderator for ottercraft.

I would like to be on staff so that i may build on the server helpful things such as dye farms, skeleton farms, spider farms, pig-man farms, etc. i have built allot of these things in survival mode, but i am limited by what i can do because i don't have permissions to access certain items or lock certain things so nobody ruins them.

When i first got onto ottercraft i was amazed at the friendly community, the cheerful tone o the server, and the helpfulness of the other minecrafters. i started by randomly teleporting around finding things and getting my roots down, i built a tower, found a village and went off to find a woodland mansion, of which i did. during my travels in search of diamonds i found a skeleton dungeon and built a grinder out of it, later during my early attempts to build a mob grinder i found a cave spider spawner and made a grinder out of it, now i am endeavoring to build a pig-man grinder, which has cost me greatly in time, materials, and peace of mind. before i finish building it i will have to clear a ridiculous amount of nether to allow it to function properly. thus spurring me to apply for this position in the hopes that later on i will be able to be given the responsibilityy of admin. thank you for reading, and considering my application.

Respectfully yours, BL4CK_H4ND.
If you want to build grinders and other farms it would be for the build teams to make those for the community, another point is that we do not have creative mode so you still will have to gather all resourches. Head-builders do have WE.
Just thought to tell you this since it looks like a combined application for builder/mod and both are time consuming.

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