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Staff Application
Hi my name is James.

I'm 21 and currently studying computer engineering and enjoy nerdy games like D&D and MTG in my free time.

I feel I will contribute as much to the community without being staff as I would as one however I wish to be able to help people more than I currently do. I am friendly, kind and mature, I wish to help people whenever possible.

In the short time (as of posting) I have been online many new players have already joined and I have only seen two members of staff online (excluding builders and Sid). I want to help out the server and all the friendly people that make up it's community and feel that it could do with a member of staff online more often.

I live in the UK and am usually either online or watching the chat on dynmap most of the day whilst not in lectures even when I'm not playing as I like to join my friends when they are on or greet new players.

I have been playing Minecraft for 5 years and have had extensive experience with servers as an admin for 2 years on CraftItMC until it's closure and then almost 2 years as a Mod/Admin on E&D before it's closure. I have also run a web server, a GMod server, a 7DTD server, 19 separate public modded Minecraft servers after various friends requested different modpacks and occasionally assisting an old friend with his web hosting and IP/DNS buisness.

Thank you for your time reading this.
Hey James, thanks for your application.

Seems like you know what you're doing, I'll keep you posted if anything happens.

In the meantime, link me the site to that hosting business. I'm intrigued.
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]
The hosting site is

I know a number of people have used it for minecraft servers and associated websites and said great things about it.

Thank you.

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