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Application For The Position of Admin
Greetings Fellow Ottercraft Staff Members and Esteemed Players,

       Hello, my name is Matthew and I've been Mod for about a month now. I'm going to be blunt with my application for Admin. Whilst being a Mod and seeing much in the month that I've had the position, from blatant lies to mass grief, stopping grief and helping others has been a joy ride. Yes to solve the crimes of grief were interesting (Despite how easy it is) I want to do more, provide more, and help out more. Currently the evaluation of the land for grief victims isn't enough. There is one factor that is a problem with a Mod, rollback. Ahh yes rollbacks the thing everyone needs and wants but too few have the power. It stinks to witness grief and tell the shocked, helpless victim to wait for an Admin for rollback.To me it should never go unchecked till the griefer has caused enough physical and mental damage. Currently there are only two active Admins on,You (Sid) and Seth. Now, your help and time are always accepted and thanked however two Admins should not have to carry that weight on their shoulders especially you two busy bees. I wish to lighten the load of report solving and rollback issues. Whereas potzol was on a very long of time I won't be that active, however if I'm needed I shall help (If i can of course).  I was born and raised to help people and if I can help the server I shall devote as much time as needed to help the server. I am mostly active Tuesdays-Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm EST, Monday's never, Friday-Saturday whenever. I hope you shall consider me for the much needed Admin position.
Thanks Lockhole,

admin positions come with a lot of time, and whatnot.

I'll keep it on my mind.
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]
I would make time if necessary it meant protecting players and preventing grief.Any time from 3-9 pm EST I can actually be available.
I think you would be a good admin. Make it a poll. Ill say yes :P

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