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I know why i had been banned.
Ok Ok, I Used to Be OBSESSED with this server.

Sometimes i still think about how i had gotten banned.

Now I know why.

I had let my cousin,Jayden on this server.

I told him to make a house in this old village i found.

As i said in my other thread i had broken a few blocks.

That was true.

Apparently My Cousin did not like it so he told me to break them.

I Had also once said it has gotten griefed once in the chat-

i said that because someone griefed my cousins house.

Idk why i did not think about this before.....

Any who I am sorry about my cousin and his griefing.

Cheers-Kamryn Tongue

p.s contact me on Hypixel,i do not have Discord
The account was used for griefing, therefor it will stay banned.

It doesn't matter who was on the account.

Also, I'm not going out of my way to message you. If you care about your situation, you'll refresh this page.

Thread closed.
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