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I'm making a custom Resource Pack (Image Heavy!)
I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my custom resource pack. C*:
I'm calling it Bee Pack for now. It's 32x32

My vision was to create a bright colored pack that is kind of styled girly (not sure yet though). I picked the 32x32 size so that it still can fit into the regular Minecraft resolution without looking awkward, for when users have mods that add new items/blocks. But the size allows for slightly more detail than the original 16x16.

It's not available yet because it's not anywhere near finished, but it has enough done to get a feel for it I think.
I do want to release it to the public at some point, but it may be a while because I am just doing it for fun at my leisure.
Anyway....here are some screenshots:

[Image: dtbd0nO.jpg]
[Image: K4H4HAi.jpg]
[Image: LQbDAc6.jpg]
[Image: BIXKqtB.jpg]
[Image: 3Wj5P0D.jpg]
[Image: b0I8n9R.jpg]
[Image: tmWmsDI.jpg]
[Image: UcYA2t1.jpg]
[Image: Fa0jflZ.jpg]
[Image: 9S80wLp.jpg]

(I had to remove some of the images 'cause it only allows me to post 10 ><
I'll link an album when I have a lot more screenshots to show.)

As you can see a lot of the textures are not finished and I plan on redoing a few of them. I'll improve as I go.

Some of the features though are:
- Some 3D models (the torch)
- Bright feel (bright colored lava and water, the stone has a purple hue to it)
- Stained glass
- Random variation for most textures
- German smear brick (I think it's pretty ><)

Would anyone be interested in it when it is finished??
Wow, that looks great! I'll try it out for sure, whenever you have a download available.

I've really been getting sick of using faithful, I haven't found anything else in like 2 years, to be honest.

In your screenshots, do you have fancy lighting and all that disabled?
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]

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