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Hello my user name is as follows but you may refer to me as "Donny" and before we start Id just like to tell you
I appreciate you taking the time to view my application. I'd like to have status as a [builder] I'm not the best
and I screw up often but I get my builds accomplished through determination knowing that the discipline will bring
me to better places. I'v been building on this server for a few weeks now with the intent to bring players to my town.
I focus on VIP's fearing that default titled users may be untrustworthy but I try not to discriminate but I digress
I have ambitions to bring to the server something that can be used, this place isnt just a town its my servers home
and as it being so Id like others to feel the same; this town will be more than a town that is built far far far far
away from most players. It will offer mazes, play grounds, mini games, aesthetic sceanery, an underground rail system
and a land to provide food for its residents as well as transportation for those that need it. I have many idea's 
I want to bring to the server for all to enjoy. I dont really have a style I just build from what I percieve as realism 
"As if I had to do myself in person" But for the most part its basic block homes inspired by some roman bronze era technology's.
Through further advancement I hope people see it as more than what I see. Please visit my town through me or from a few of my residents. [ Current Residents have recently helped build a ship while also importing materials for the fast production of the citys growth. ]
Chronic_Reefer / Apple / Silent_Walrus / Water /

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heres one from when i started building on a console server

Old project from xbox360 (old progress photo)

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hello hello,
Looking good!
I'll tell sid to look at it, when this doesn't happen just tell me, we're busy people xD

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