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My Builder application! :D
Now, i know you arent looking for builders right now, but i can still apply for future refernce, so here we go;
Why would i want to be builder? My number 1 reason, i build, A LOT. I would use the /fly for helping people/myself build.
Today, lockhole was making pillars and he said "I sure could use /fly right now." and i could use that to help him and you with the new spawn.
Like i said, i love building, and that could help alot with the castle im making right now, and I don't know how to insert screen shots, but i know that you can tp to peoples homes, mine is named "Under_construction_new_castle" if you need to see something that i've built on the server.
What could I do to help? Well, i know that your currently working on New Spawn, and i think i could help a lot on that because i've seen the style that your working with, and i think i can use it to make more.
I usually build in medieval but love modern archetecture.
I collect the arctecture lego sets actully XD.
Well, i don't really make my posts long, and i'm sorry. If you need more detail about me, check my Moderator application.
Thanks for taking the time to read my posts! I hope i get to be part of staff/builders.
This would make my experience a lot more enjoyful. Jk its allready amazing.
-Pengu (AwesomePenguin17)
(edited like 3 times lol)

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