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Builder Application
                Hi My name is GranolaCat_
I am 10 years old :l (idc if im to young because ive been playing minecraft for 4 years and i have skill)
I Build Mostly With Wood And Glass.
I am VERY unique i will build a house that does not look like a house
I could really use /Fly Because i am always NerdPiling and its annoying
I am On at 5-8 on weekdays and 10-4 on weekends
I was not able to show a building from the server because my files were not working but i can show it when sid or someone logs on

oops it did the picture 4 times lol
Hello hello Granolacat_,
Here the tips I also told you on te server.
-Get into more styles
-Use more different kind of resources (not just wood and glass)
-Try to add some details
-Build in different shapes, not just squares
When you made some progress let me know! Smile
I have posted a new application,Plz delete this one 


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