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Staff Application
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]Obviously, we want to know more about you... What's your name, what do you do? What are you passionate about?
Aiden Atwood,I play Games,Im passionate about games
What can you bring to our community by becoming a mod(probably where we will start you off at)?
Ive been playing for a while and ive found that I like helping people more than actually playing
Why do you want to be part of staff?
So I can help people that have questions and make the server a non griefed placee cause griefers are stupid
What are the times you are usually online?
around 6p to 12am depending on the day
How long have you been playing Minecraft? Do you have any other server moderation/administration experience(even non-minecraft)?
4 years,No
Im 15 Before i posted this i checked with Sid to see if it was good enough
hoi sid dudecrush78
or aka supahcactus sry about my typing im learnig to type better in school
Big Grin Cool and im adicted to emojie
but thats not why im here
im here to do the application sry about me being a kid ask me my age in game 
i know a lot ive wanted to do this for a while soo ive been trying to get better at comands for this one reason
youve helped me with a lot of stuff so i want to try to help them to
so if i get modarater tell me in game bye
                                                          or aka supahcactus Cool

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