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Builder Application ArmyPunk
Hello My name is Ali. I'm 14 years old. I'm good at building, have many ideas. Not good at designing. I keep Using spruce wood , stone and quartiz. 
My favorite block is quartiz i use it to my most houses Builds. 
I want to be a builder beacuse  it making the build much faster because i can use /fly.
I'm very good at redstone and i like it.
I'm every day online, playing on free time .
Hello hello Ali,
As you know I looked at your builds and gave you a assignment (:
And as a reminder here are the things I gave you to work on:
-Work with more different blocks (different colors and textures) don't make it a rainbow house though.
-Try different shapes, not just squares.
-Add some detailing at your builds, fences for example are great for detailing.
I hope you will improve!

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