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Builder Application
Why I want to be a Builder on your server: Based on the way you present yourself, and your forum it seems that you are experienced. Well organized, and most of all You know what you're looking for. Which tells me as an applicant that you believe your Server has potential. And That's all things I'm looking for . With my help I think We could really benefit each other to ensure that success happens.
What I Hope to Bring:  Bring a more positive environment. Ill always be looking to build the next thing bigger and better then the last, ensuring players and staff want to Come back help strengthen the staff community .
My Specialties? : I'm able to build anything from Cruise Ships and Mansions, to Castles and Beyond
Times I can be on: times very due to me having a job, but I'm usually on before work around 2:30 or After work at 9:30 ill always be on some point during that day unless something comes up.
Great looking portfolio you have there.

Are you on our Discord? What's your name on it?
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]

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