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Kicked for 'Flying or related'
My character NichFlamel is currently stuck in falling sand & glitched, but can't log in long enough to break sand, nor even send a message before getting kicked for 'flying or related'. Please advise.

*EDIT*Would give coordinates if I could - to replicate, I was trying to jump back after noticing the sand coming down, I think it was at least 5 sand above me.
Trying to dig upwards near a beach will be a no-no for me, now lo
This is often a connection problem, but must be an issue with essentials attempting to get you unstuck.

What you can try doing to fix it, is joining on your phone via minechat, or an alternative... Then doing /spawn or something, and rejoining from your PC.

Sorry you're having issues, let me know if that works.
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Yes, that did the trick - was unfamiliar with minechat until this problem, but /home solved it for me, thank you!
Glad it's all sorted out!

I had a similar issue once, and it took me a long time to figure out. Glad it was a quick fix in this situation.

I'll be closing this thread now.
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