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Mod Application
Hello my name is HomieOtter and I would like to apply for Mod. 
Age: 12

Why You Should Hire Me:

Now I am sure you get lots of these applications in a day, but i want you to read through mine with care. Anyway, first I am very good with people. I have been told numerous times that I am very good with my peers and have great communication skills. Second, I love to teach people how to do things. On the server I am constantly typing "wb" to people that join. I also say "Welcome!" to the people that are new and when they have a question I am the first to answer.

How I Can Help:

I can help by showing Newbies around the server. I am called "Super Helpfull" or "A Big Help" after the session of helping people. I get a very nice warm feeling in my heart when I get to be helpfull. I also spend 4 - 5 hours on the server per day and get on every day after school.

How You Can Contact me:

You can contact me via Discord or on the Forums. I also have an email so you can contact me through gmail.

I hope you like my Application, Because I put a lot of effort into this. 

Sincerely, HomieOtter  Big Grin
Hey Homie,

Excellent application.

I wish I could promote you for your amazing username, but it's not that easy.

You've always showed an effort toward making the server a better place, and I appreciate that!

I'll keep you in min. As the build team situation evolves, we'll probably look for another mod or two.

Leaving this thread open.
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