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Opinions and suggestions
Hello all its, me Timelapzz here at it again with some opinions and suggestions.

The current shop is accessed using the /shop command, the shop its self is very lack-luster because it only contains the basic materials. What i propose is the addition of player shops, either through the signshop plugin or using the Essentials sign shop. This would allow an easier way for people to buy and sell their items, and it would also help form a player Economy.

Vip and Donator perks
As of now i firmly believe the donator perks are very good for there current cost and have purchased three for me and others. although a couple of things i would like to possibly see in the future is the /disguise command, /fly and possibly the addition of kits based on donator level.

The additions of factions would be super handy for allowing other players to know what is claimed by you or your group, it would also allow for raiding and pvp if that was ever your guys plan.

And This is the end of my opinions and suggestions for now, there will probably be more.
I agree on the expansion to /shop, and expansion to the donator commands and ranks.

However, non cosmetic commands like /fly and not usually permitted by the EULA in game altering situations, and on top of that it would sorta ruin the point of elytra haha.

On the topic of factions, I feel that an addition such as guilds would help, but land claiming doesn't feel quite Vanilla based to me.

Just my opinions Smile!

The shop, in the future, will be expanded and completely moved to a player-based economy, we don't have a current set time or date for when this will happen, but the shops are planned. As for the VIP/Donator perks, the "fly" command will not be given to VIP/Donator, as that would take the game away from being mostly vanilla, and also give the VIP/Donators too much power as compared to the regular users. As for the "disguise" command, that is up to Sid, and seeing as it doesn't give you any great power over other non-VIP players it is possible that it will be implemented, but I cannot guarantee it. The additional kits are also possible, but don't expect it, I cannot guarantee anything. With the idea of Factions, I quote myself from another thread: "With the argument of Factions protecting player's land with claims and grief-protection, we have CoreProtect, which can tell us exactly when, where, what, and who did anything, if a player gets griefed, they can alert an administrator, or a moderator, and then they can fix the grief, and punish the griefer as necessary". As of currently and as far as I am aware, the server is planned to stay PVE (Player versus environment), and raiding is strictly prohibited. I thank you for your ideas, and your time.

- Eunoiazi
Thankyou both for you input
Shop expansions are most definitely needed, I don't think we will be adding in Factions, or McMMO, as it takes away the vanilla feel.

Eunoiazi pretty much summed everything up.

I appreciate the creation of this forum, thanks for suggesting us new things, and keeping us fresh.

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so sid, not trying to get on your nerves this time but i am curious, what changed? are the shop expansions still on the drawing board or is it scrapped?
(04-16-2017, 08:35 AM)ziosuna Wrote: so sid, not trying to get on your nerves this time but i am curious, what changed? are the shop expansions still on the drawing board or is it scrapped?

This was before implementing our auction house.
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