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LogStov Head-Administrative Application
Hello there! 

IGN: LogStov
Age: I am currently seventeen years old. I will be eighteen in January.
Name or Nickname: Anyone can call me by my alias, or just my first name, Logan.
Discord#id: LogStov#1712
Position you are applying for: I am reaching out for being Head Admin.
Why would you like to apply for this position: For any server to succeed, they need to be entitled to a great Head of Administration. Some would say the leader of a server. I have always given myself the responsibility of being a leader and role model to those who need it most. Supervision of anyone is nothing to be joking around about. Head-Administators need to uphold the power of such a high position, and I believe that I am an easy pick for said position.

Experience: I have had a large range of experiences going down from a helper, all the way up to a Co-Owner of a server. Numerous times have people requested that I join a server as their Head-Admin or as just an Admin. I have been on some servers recently including: Undead Network, Zona PVP, KingConquest Network, Survival Network, and many, many more. Most servers I was accepted to as an admin, I worked up into the Head-Admin position or higher.
A bit about yourself: Personally I would say that I am a very friendly person with an extremely easy time picking up on new rules and expectations, I am outgoing and always willing to help people that need it, I work very well with others as well as I love meeting new people, and finally I treat everyone with the level of respect everyone deserves.
How many hours are you able to dedicate the server: Well because I have a job-excluding Mondays and Thursdays-I could be on anywhere from thirty minutes upwords to multiple hours. I typically start around 4pm and end at 10pm EST.
Commands you would use as a admin/mod/helper: I would use any command deemed necessary. If a player is breaking the rules, then they are to be banned. If a player is to mouth off anyone, they are to be kicked and muted for a said period of time. The list goes on with reasons for everything.

What can you offer to our server?: I can offer so much more than what the baseline requirements are for any server. I believe that whenever someone goes beyond any expectations, they are hard working. I will keep this server running smoothly with a very efficient and family-friendly environment, as well as keeping the peace among not only our entire staff team, but the players among each other as well as players among the staff. I will provide security and a great sense of protection for everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my application. I hope you enjoyed everything in it. I will be willing to make a conversation with you about anything from this thread, please message me on discord.


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