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<<Builder Aplication Emlarun>>
Who am i?
Hey, Nice to see you.
My name is Emil (Plz call me Emili). I am a 14 year old teenager who lives a normal singel life in sweden and of course in minecraft. I am playing around 3-12h minecraft a day. On ottercraft i´m
playing around 1-4h /day. Did i forget to tell i am a boiiii? Well i am a boii. 

I am a teenager so my school has lots of homework but yes, I am ready to stay up longer and playing earlier in the mornings to get the builder rank.

I am a serious player who sometimes get angry on people and say to them to stop but that
isn´t a problem in my eyes.

How is my design and what am i doing?
My design ideás is pretty good. On a scale i belive my buildings is around 7O% perfect and same on my friend mr_gizmo. But when we build together we almost build perfekt.

For now i am building on a huge prodjekt who i calls -"The Halloween House". It will be a huge dark oak house who has 
lots of pumkins and a scarry house with jump scares and scary pumkins and stuff. I want it to be finnished to halloweenbut i belive that it will take lots of more time to make a scarry fun and a nice party house.

So i design random things. I design op house in the ”Reality” and old classic houses but i said. Random stuff.

I hope that link works <3 
That is 7 pictures about my design so far.

---- Why do i want the [Builder] rank? ----

*With the builder rank i understand that i can be one of the personers who makes this server ottercraft to be a nice place with amazing design and stuff.
*With the builder rank i guess that i get new awesome commands. Likes /fly. It is very hard to build design ideas and windows in my Halloween house so /fly would help me a lot.
*I want to have power. Not evil power. Just power so noone just can take over my house or bully me.
*I want the server to be a place there evry1 can feel safe and have fun while playing and looking at amazing stuff.
*I want to be a nice person who understand the players with just member rank so they wouln´t fell bad.

Evry1 has a place in the server. Ranks or no ranks doesn´t matter.
I want evry1 to be a nice person and i want the chat to be nice to evry1. 
I will show evry1 respect.

-"Is it something about my buildings who are bad or weird? Tell me and i can might change it"

I am writing this to might get the builder rank. I will thank lLengh because he is a nice person and sid_engel to because they were nice to me 24/7.

I am sorry for the bad writing but i tryed.  

FreeDom To Ottercraft and all the buildings out there

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