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Builder application deathsartixt
Hey there,
I'm deathsartixt I'm 20 years old. I'm from Turin, Italy.
I played this server for a while and i really like it.
My passion on minecraft is to build, and i do it! I like modern style, but with some ancient looking particular or  conception (watch my house for examples), I think my buildings are really personal and not stereotyped. I also like Building road to connect my structure around the world.
I live out of Turin so it take me long to go to the university and I stay there a lot. I can play at least one/two hours a day (normally at night), but more in the weekend.
Awesome Penguine suggest me to write this  thread, I hope you like my buildings like him.
Position of my house: 433 88 8706

My website: https://deathsartixtminebuilding.wordpress.com/
(In the home page there is a gallery with my creations).

 I hope to become a builder and do more for the server!
Thanks for reading.

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I update the site with the news abuot the quartz house on this server!
The site has been updated with the ended house on the server.

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