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Staff Application-Its_Fish_Xx
I am back, making another application due to wanting to.

My name is Nate Rhoades, or as everyone knows me, Fish.

I live in Portland Oregon

As of making this thread, I am 14, almost 15.

The reason I want to be a staff member for the community of Ottercraft is that I have been on this server for very long, about 7-8 months. During this time, I have felt the need for more active staff. I am on almost everyday and am usually on for expansive periods of time.

Also, if I were to suggest 2 people to become mods if I'm not chosen, I would suggest AwesomePenguin17 (Pengu) and _WolfLone_ Tongue

Please consider me as the next person to become a staff member! Wink

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