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Builder Application: [ShimmyPaw]
Hello! My IGN is ShimmyPaw, but I go by Shimmy or Shim. I love to build in any style needed, but my specialty is terrain and modern builds. I'm VERY active, and I can pretty much be on for one to twelve hours a day, depending on the day. The weekends are my prime gaming time, so I can be on early or late for projects. I have plenty of experience with palettes and color combinations, as in most of my builds, there's an obvious color scheme. 
 As a builder, I'd love to help improve the server's spawn and general builds. Flying would definitely help my personal builds, as I love detailing, but that's another story. Thank you for considering me for the Ottercraft Build Team!

Images of my builds are attached below. Thank you, again!



 NOTE: This was built on the server at the coordinates X = 148, Y = 63, Z = 42.

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